Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Music Coming Out

Though it may still be a full-length traditional album, I will have some new music of mine available soon on Chromotone Records. 

What I'll have to offer is an idea of mine called "Life in the Living Room."  For about the last 6 years, some of the greatest practices, rehearsals, experimentations, and improvisations have occurred in...yep that's right, my living room.  When I was younger, I would occasionally roll a tape when friends would come over and pick, but now, when music is playing, recording is generally taking place too. 

About the recordings: Right now, Life in the Living Room will only be available in cassette form.  Why?  Because it's super easy to plug in to the tape recorder and start rolling.  However, cds will be coming soon for those who want those.  I will add that cassettes are a bit better format for this particular recording...one because these practice sessions should be listened to like they happened...continuously.  I feel the cds chop it up into tracks too much.  Also, cassettes have that nostalgic warm tone to them as well!  Regardless of format, each issue will be completely different from the last.  There are no particular tunes in mind for the recording.  Each recording will feature me playing any instrument in the house, any tune in mind, and maybe even some singing here and there.  I have already started recording these, and thus far, fiddle tunes, Bill Monroe hits, bluegrass standards, and originals have found their way onto the recordings.  There will be as many of these as I feel like making.  That could be 2...or 50....or more, but maybe less, so grab one while you can.  Have fun comparing with your friends because each will be totally unique. 

These will be available at live shows of mine, or you can order via mail.  Cassettes are $10/ea and CDs $20/ea.  Mail payment to Chromotone Records, PO Box 321 Lakeville, IN, 46536.

See you on the road!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Will Be On This Blog...

Good question!  I just posted the bit about smooth jazz to break the ice on this new blog.  In the future, expect to see similar posts about genres, reviews about albums, music related links, and two specific entries: "Under The Musical Radar," and "From the Mailbag."  Under the radar will feature/discuss albums that are independently produced/manufactured that are as equally good as professional albums and artists, but never make it to the top, therefore never reaching a lot of music lovers.  I encourage independent artist/those looking to get there songs out, to send me something.  Those things sent will be mentioned in the mailbag post. 

Stay tuned for lots of stuff to further your music enjoyment!